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Educate patients everywhere they think about their health.

ECHO is the best way to educate your patients.

Because educated patients make better decisions.

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See how your peers are finding success.

Los Altos, CA
In the office, we use videos about specific refractive IOLs that I developed with Eyemaginations to provide targeted education that is appropriate to the patient. Specific video can be emailed to patients who have elected or are considering that particular option.
Beverly Hills, CA
As a Head & Neck Surgeon, many of the procedures I discuss with my patients are difficult to comprehend without any visuals. That is why we incorporated Echo into our process. During my consultations I use the platform to explain step by step what the surgical plan is.
Saginaw, MI
I use the program as an enhancement to my explanation of various conditions of the eye. In the past, I had used my own drawings or pictures from various sources. Neither gave me exactly what I wanted to show.
Hoover, AL
Schaeffer Eye Center is always evolving with the latest technology - to treat our patients as well as using the best tools to educate them. Our partnership with Eyemaginations allows us to do exactly that on a variety of platforms.
East Melbourne, Australia
I have really enjoyed integrating Eyemaginations into my corneal practice. The videos are current, concise, and informative. The team at Eyemaginations keep the videos updated and are so fast at responding to requests for change.
Phoenix, AZ
Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center has been a client of Eyemaginations almost since its inception. We are constantly impressed by how frequently they update and develop successful platforms for patient education.
Westlake, OH
Eyemaginations digitally solidifies the patient/doctor relationship by extending the chair-side experience beyond the four walls of the practice to deliver the highest quality post-patient education and care.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Barry Seibel and I have been using the Echo version of Eyemaginations for the past year. We are very enthusiastic about showing these high quality videos about virtually every possible eye condition to our patients in the office.
Chicago, IL
While our patients may have some basic understanding of this anatomy, in-depth discussions of anatomy, pathology and surgery often leave patients with glazed expressions and more questions than answers.
Baltimore, MD
I have been using Eyemaginations for years and it is now an invaluable part of my practice, because it improves my ability to communicate. There is no better visual aid available...
Plainview, NY
The Eyemaginations concept is an outstanding program that is easy and quick to use and as informative and educational as any program I have ever seen or tried to use in the past.
Shenandoah, TX
We have been using Eyemaginations in our practice for over 18 months now. It enhances workflow by clearly illustrating the anatomy and animating the changes seen with pathology or procedures.
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